Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Gay bishop...

"Gay bishop will kick of inauguration event" was the title of the e-mail that came in to my inbox from Human Rights Campaign.

Is that all that Bishop Robinson is?

There's not a whole lot to ponder about or to profoundly say about this. It is a sad commentary, I think, on the myopic vision of an organization as big as HRC that is supposedly out there representing all of us. It does speak to how I think the institutionalization of a cause ends up demeaning and dehumanizing the very people it is meant to serve (I've seen this in AIDS work as well).


Susanna said...

I don't suppose it's possible to have a Friend proofread your blog? ;-)

Brad Ogilvie/The William Penn House said...

Hi, Sue; thankfully, I can make post-posting edits, so if you see any, please let me know. Thanks. I tend to do blogs somewhat quickly so I can get them off my plate.